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We tailor internet services for the marine industry, focusing on moving large amounts of data worldwide. 
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CYGNi-Fi + Starlink

We now integrate Starlink in our clients internet services by combining the latest Starlink technology in our SD-WAN systems. 

With Starlink integration to your CYGNiFi system, you are adding global coverage and ensuring robust, high-speed, low latency internet wherever your mission takes you.

By integrating the latest SpaceX technology with our other existing services as 4G, 5G, radio links or other sources, you get an unparralell system when it comes to performance and reliability, at the fraction of the cost of traditional satellite systems.

We will help you shape and manage your network, to lower your overall costs while boosting user experience. All in all, setting a new standard for maritime internet for your client or crew.

We have done several Starlink installations with nothing but amazing results. Contact us to if you want to know more or if you want to install Starlink on your vessel today1

Why 4G or 5G with CYGNiFi?
Because "WiFi" is not just "WiFi" 


We think that setting up your internet connectivity for your remote location should be easy. But the truth is most often it isn't. Remote locations, bad reception, poor cellular coverage, complicated and demanding hardware installations and more, prevents us from connecting to each other. That is why we developed CYGNiFi

CYGNiFi is our connectivity solution that gets you connected where you need to be connected. From super easy and fast plug and play 4G/5G-solutions, sattelite or Starlink connectivity or even dedicated radio links, we will help you get best possible setup in the easiest way possible. All optimized for your needs and with the full power of the latest technology.

Because we know you don't want to worry about routers, servers, frequencies, antennas, SD-WAN or signal-to-noise-ratio for that matter. We take all that high-tech equipment, back-end configuring, technical lingo and putting this in a simple package that everyone can understand and enjoy.  Making it easier for your business to take that step towards realiable, unbreakable connectivity. 


Not your avarage internet connection

Right now we are upgrading customers equipment for 5G-connectivity. But that's not all.

With state of the art SD-WAN technology, bandwidth-bonding, hot-failover, WAN Smoothing and much more, we are now seriously competing with the big satellite providers when it comes to providing steady internet connections offshore, even in poor reception areas.

The only difference is that we do it faster & more affordable. 

Click on the link to learn more about Pepwave's patented speedfusion technology or get in touch with us and we can explain how we can improve your maritime internet setup and give you fast & reliable connectivity offshore!

CGNY Marine


We have a vision & a mission to connect everyone working offshore.

Internet today is something most people take for granted, but something people working offshore know is a rare commodity. We want to change that. 

Whether you want to keep your business 100% online, finish that conference call without dropouts or if you just want to stay in touch with family and friends, we want to make this possible. We want to challenge the existing standards and we do not want our customers to pay for more than what they get.

We strive to make our services as simple as possible, taking all that high-tech equipment, back end configuring, technical lingo and putting this in a simple package that everyone can understand and enjoy. Making it easier for your business to take that step towards unbreakable connectivity. 


Contact us and we will assist you in your quest for unbreakable connectivity!

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