CYGNiFi Quick Deployment Kits



Active Subscription: Unlimited Data on all Public operators and ready for both Tampnet & Telenor Maritme in the North Sea.

Instant connectivity.

Dispatched immediately.

Our "QD"-Kit is our quick deployment kit that comes pre-configured, packed and ready to go. A fully activated, remote managed router with dual 4G/5G modem, for harsh environments, packed in a rugged waterproof case and ready to be shipped anywhere in Europe immediately. Pre-configured to your needs.

Its just plug and play connectivity when you need it the most.

Heart of the Standard Kit -
A Peplink Device

Our most dispatched unit is the Peplink Dome. It may be a small device but it is packed with features and tremendous power. Unlike a "normal" installation, the dome has smaller antennas but it compensates by beeing able to be mounted in remote locations and harsh environments, with dual active modems (4 SIM-Cards) and with most important of all: 0% antenna cabel loss. Giving you much better signal and redundancy where other systems fail.

Please read through the following short tips before you get going. 

We have custom units for different use cases so please contact us for full specs and availability!